Photo by  Andy Heathcote

Martin Hickford - Film Editor London

My name is Martin Hickford and I am Film Editor London. I am a London based Creative Film Editor, with almost ten years experience working in the industry.

My favourite kinds of projects to work on are those that appeal to people's emotions. For me, there's no greater achievement than making someone laugh.

I am currently working in house at Hogarth & Ogilvy London, where I work on films for clients such as Nescafe, AMEX and Unilever. I've recently travelled to South Africa on a shoot for Nescafe. But my favourite piece of work from my time here so far, has to be 'A Postcard from Boring' which explored the real life town of 'Boring' in Oregon.

Prior to this I worked as a freelancer working for clients such as BT, Monty Python, The BBC and many others.

The likes of Ewan McGregor, John Cleese and Willem Dafoe, have featured in my edits. As well the cast of Monty Python in a trailer for their live shows. And not to mention that God Forsaken Hippo from the Top Cashback ads.

When I graduated from Film School in 2007 I'd little idea that I would have such an honour.

I hope you enjoy my work on this page. Alternatively, you can view my work on Vimeo -